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Author: TopAdmin

We have had a lot to do in the last few weeks, dealing with missing and damaged joists as well as a partly removed fire place! Work is going well, we hope to open in the new year.

A few pictures taken today, the place looks nice, but when we have finished with it, it will look wonderful.

Walls stripped…

Welcome to our first post….

We have a lot to do, we want to update the guest house, but do so in a way that keeps the charm and appeal of the building, which is about 140 years old.

Jobs to do:

  • Erect a wall round the back of the property, fir security, but it will become our garden.
  • Remove the old kitchen and install a new one.
  • Sort out damp in a couple of rooms.
  • Emergency lighting to be added to the halls and coridors.